1. Interview#18 Tamar Burduli

    How old are you?

    Where are you from?
    Tbilisi, Georgia (country, not the state, just google it).

    What kind of photographic equipment do you use?
    I am in love with analog. Analog that is black and white. I started with Zenit 122. Then moved to Pentax Spotmatic F, which I brought online and appeared to have a non-working diaphragm but that just makes it more unpredictable and fun. Still my favorite by now. As of films, old soviet movie films are my love but it’s always good luck if the photographs come out at all. And If they do, they are glorious. well, at least to me. Now I am experimenting with an old Altix rangefinder which I got as a late birthday present. Have no idea what it will be like. If I get something worthy, I will share.

    What do you do when you are not shooting?
    Drinking, smoking, studying, working, listening to music while doing all of those. Walking. Daydreaming! Reading (always a luxury, unfortunately). Having meaningful and non-meaningful conversations. Just like almost everybody else’s life, I guess.

    What was the first photograph you were proud of?
    La Mer.

    How much preparation is there behind your photographs?
    Mostly none.When I came across someone I would like to shoot, settings are the easiest for me to find because I do not search for them, the easiest accessible one is always okey (don’t know if it’s good or bad) and somehow they always seem to pop in my head just like that. The rest of the work is done on place. Even if I have something particular in my head beforehand, I always forget about it and do something else. In a word, mostly my work is kind of spontaneous. I guess you could tell.

    Have you ever done sacrifices or compromises as a photographer?
    I do not know if this counts but the most beautiful and mysterious moments in my life as an observer that I would have just killed for to capture, only remain in my head and not in my photographs. Somehow these moments are so sacred, it always seems like intruding with taking out a camera and pointing it. In all of those cases it felt like doing so would be breaking something magical.

    What is your safe place?
    My dreams, the night sky, and the sea.

    Do you have any obsessions?
    Whenever I find or rediscover an awesome song or a band. And my closet always has to be messy.

    Is there an artist you’ll gladly collaborate with or that you regard with esteem?
    Every single person, who does what they find their peace or challenge in, I regard with esteem.

    ▶Could you say that a simple “glance” in a portrait can make the photo?
    Simplicity is the sexiest and the most mysterious thing sometimes. I think it is the perfect combo. You figure out the rest.

    [If you want to see more, find her on flickr.com/photos/tburdeau]